Imperial Records Staff Callers

Larry Belcher
Larry Belcher
P. O. Box 1087
Auburn, AL 36831

Willis Simmons
P O Box 805
Eufaula, AL 36027
Marcy Cruce
Marcy Cruce
20928 Sharon Drive
Lakeview, AL 35111
Kevin Cozad
Kevin Cozad
1811 Antioch Rd
Centreville, AL 35042
Roy Dutton
Roy Dutton
959 Scott Cemetery Rd.
Carbon Hill, AL 35549
Wayne Nicholson
Wayne Nicholson
P O Box 250133
Montgomery, AL 36125

Imperial Records Music with Clips

IR101 River of Love – Willis Simmons  

IR102 Bayou Jubilee – Larry Belcher  

IR103 Jesus Is Your Ticket To Heaven – Larry Belcher  

IR104 Candida – Larry Belcher  

IR105 Go Tell It On The Mountain – Larry Belcher  

IR106 Calendar Girl – Willis Simmons  

IR107 Good Times Gonna Roll Again – Wayne Nicholson  

IR108 Blazing Saddles –Roy Dutton  

IR109 Love Done Gone – Roy Dutton  

IR110 Turn, Turn, Turn – Roy Dutton  

IR111 Old Man From The Mountain – Willis Simmons  

IR112 Victory In Jesus – Larry Belcher  

IR113 Hoedowns, Kalimba & Victory  

IR114 Long Way to Go – Willis Simmons  

IR115 Hoedowns, Kiss & Fly & Cotton Eyed Joe  

IR116a Hoedown, Foggy Run Along  

IR116b Hoedown, Sundown2  

IR117a Hoedown, Cajun Rock  

IR117b Hoedown, Sundown  

IR 118 – Jesus Hold My Hand - Larry Belcher 

IR 119 – Run, Run Rudolph - Larry Belcher 

IR 120 – When I Wake Up ( To Sleep No More) - Kevin Cozad 

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Coming Soon

Fox On The Run
Let My Love Be Your Pillow
Lifestyles of the Not So Rich & Famous
Me & Jesus
Mirror Mirror
Sunny Side Of The Mountain
Wake Up Little Susie

Larry Belcher

P. O. Box 1087
Auburn, AL 36831

Starting my own square dance record company has been an idea in the back of my mind for several years. After recording Everybody wants to go to Heaven with Willis Simmons in late 2008, Willis made the comment to me that he thought that I should start my own record company. Well that’s all I needed to get the brain going in high gear on this idea. After making several contacts with a studio and a distributor, and good friend and producer of my last two records, Reggie Knipher, we began to put together a record company. We began working on our first songs the first of 2009. Experiencing a few bumps along the way, finding out that all songs are not suitable for square dance and establishing the correct key range for the music, we finally got the music in our hands. Of course we have to determine the words, figures, etc., to go to the music, put it on paper, practice the vocal with the music and then go to the studio to put the vocal track with the music. Once all this is accomplished we will send the music to distributor who will make CDs, and make it available as an mp3 file on line. They will also label the CDs, copy and do everything to make the music ready for distribution. (Who said this was easy?)
We hope to have our first releases out in June 2009 if we don’t hit any other snags. We hope to release two records at this time with one or two a month after the first release. More music is already in the works. We will be inviting other callers and cuers, who have a desire to make a square or round dance record, to join us in the future. We hope to assemble a staff of, mostly, regional callers and cuers. We hope that you will enjoy our music and find it suitable to be in your record case.

Anyone interested in recording a square dance or round dance record and being on the staff, should contact Larry Belcher for information.